The Jewel Tankard Show
Wednesday’s at 4pm est

09 Oct 2015 | 12:00 am

IMG_3397The Jewel Tankard Show is a variety format show, starring Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Pastor and star of Bravo’s blockbuster unscripted series, “Thicker Than Water,” Jewel Tankard. It is a unique mix of finance, entertainment, and faith with a little “real talk” thrown in. It is tough love, honest talk about money, women and families. It is a weekly financial workshop dealing with real world successes, failures and recovery.  In a nutshell,The Jewel Tankard Show covers FAITH, FAMILY, and FINANCES.


Known for her ability tackle issues head on, and always praying it out as the “come to Jesus” matriarch of the Tankard clan on the smash series, “Thicker Than Water.”  The Jewel Tankard Show puts a spin on finance and a faith take on hot topics.  Jewel, in her own homespun way, breaks down today’s toughest financial issues from a human interest perspective, often drawing on personal history to drive the point.  Topics range from poverty and homelessness, to financial violence and domestic violence, to how to become a millionaire and “live the lifestyle of the rich and faithful!”

Watch The Jewel Tankard Show Wednesday’s at 4pm est.