Featuring groundbreaking,
inspirational and informative content

The Impact Network is the largest independent African-American owned and operated tv network in the world, currently available in over 90 million homes on cable and satellite. Featuring groundbreaking, inspirational and informative content designed to empower, enrich, entertain and engage audiences. Through it’s holistic approach Impact uplifts it’s viewers through faith, family, lifestyle, culture and entertainment. Providing perspectives that Impact the lives of viewers from the inside out.


Through positive imagery, uplifting
messaging and real world action, The Impact
Network endeavors to be the foremost
innovative inspirational voice in urban and
multicultural media.


Our mission is to provide exceptional,
inspirational programming that positively
impacts and empowers the spiritual, physical,
emotional and lifestyle needs of our viewers.
Through clean cutting-edge family friendly
content and entertainment, Impact enriches,
enhances and elevates the total well being of
its audiences both on and off screen.

Community Commitment

As a non-profit organization, the Impact Network seeks to connect with a diverse coalition of organizations and partnerships to improve and impact lives within the urban community in a holistic way including spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially


Impact Network aims to not only show positive images, but
embodies its name “IMPACT” by creating real change in the
world in real ways, through establishing community programs,
services and establishments that meet the needs of the
underserved, under heard and underprivileged.





“African-American ownership in media is very important, without it we can’t tell our stories our way” and until we can share our narratives authentically we’ll always be characterized by another’s vision of who we are. In addition, future generations in our community should be striving for ownership and entrepreneurship as it is a key to securing freedom and legacy!”


-Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, CEO of Impact Network

As faith leaders and community advocates in the Detroit- Michigan area for over 30 years, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson has served the African-American community and inner-city. They have seen the hardships faced by families first-hand, from education, food, safety, housing, finances and over all necessities of life. As pastors they’ve realized that these disparities reach beyond Detroit and echo in other neighborhoods and cities across the US. Through Divine inspiration this husband and wife team felt a call to do something about it, not only for their local community but for the African-American community as a whole.

In 2010, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson answered that call by starting a television network that would spread positivity and uplift the urban sector in ways that hadn’t yet existed in effort to Impact the total well-being of viewers. The Impact Network started in about 200,000 homes and has since grown to over 90 Million. Impact’s goal is to reach beyond broadcasting and use it’s influence to invest in building the communities it serves.


The Impact Network’s programming is designed to start thoughtful conversations and actively engage participants.

“At Impact, we strive to enrich, empower, engage and entertain, we’re driven to create meaningful media that impacts the lives of our viewers for the better!”

-Royal W. Jackson, Chief Creative Officer

Impact Inspiration

Impact Life

Impact Voice

Impact NXT

Impact Family

Impact Plus

Impact Network offers family friendly, feel good, faith-based and fulfilling programming.

The network provides thought provoking, impactful and substantive content with an empowering and entertaining spin. The mix of programming on the network includes talk, music, films, specials, entertainment, news, reality, docuseries-documentaries, lifestyle, wholesome comedy and game shows.

Distribution: Broadcasting in over
90 Million Homes

The Impact Network was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 2010 but began broadcasting nationally on the Dish Network in 2011, and has subsequently grown into the largest 100% privately owned African American, faith-based TV network now with distribution on DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Frontier, Cable Bahamas, Cox and Altice USA.




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