Church by Mobile Offers Free Service to Faith Based Organizations

    The COVID-19 pandemic has currently changed the way people interact and engage with their faith-based community. Many churches, together with its members, were unprepared for this pandemic and its impact on their worship services, events and ongoing activities.

    To address this concern, Lee and Debbie Kaplan, the husband and wife team behind Church by Mobile, are offering their service for FREE to help churches stay in contact with their congregation during this pandemic.

    Church by Mobile, a service offered by Solutions By Mobile, LLC., has served thousands of faith-based organizations for over a decade. Church by Mobile provides the ability to keep congregations creatively engaged through the power of text messaging, customized mobile apps, and mobile donations through the newly revamped Text to Give feature.

    The new Text to Give feature eliminates the difficulties of donating through smart phones by providing a simple and secure process of mobile giving. Each person’s profile will be tied to his or her phone number and will be able to give in just an easy touch of a button.

    Church by Mobile is now offering churches the chance to have their own mobile app by waiving its $249 set-up fee. Each mobile app can be customized to suit churches’ design standards and it also provides churches access to reports and statistics, such as page visitors, conversions, devices, and more.

    With this unique offer, churches can now minimize the current gap between the pastors and parishioners that was brought by this pandemic. For inquiries and registration, call 1800-409-5171.


    Leo and Deb Kaplan

    SolutionsByMobile / ChurchByMobile / BizByMobile


    It is hard to separate Leo and Deb because they have been business partners and life partners for over 30 years.  Each had their own successful careers before they met.  Leo specialized in connecting businesses with distribution channels, and Deb with corporate strategic planning.  When they combined skills, it was synergistic magic! 

    A Little History…

    Whenever Leo would take business trips to Detroit, he would like to attend Bishop Wayne T Jackson’s church.  He LOVED the ENERGY! Being Jewish by birth, Leo became a Christian when he was 27. 

    When Leo heard that Bishop Jackson bought a local television station, he gave Bishop a call and asked him if he would like to go national.  With the connections Leo had with DISH, and lots of effort by a team of individuals, the IMPACT NETWORK went national. “We are so pleased to have that as part of our story, because we feel in some small way, we helped put something good in the universe!” said Deb.

    God’s Blessing…

    Shortly after, Leo and Deb realized they could continue to help churches by providing a better way to communicate and donate.  ChurchByMobile was created with that idea in mind.  Ten years ago, this technology was only available to Mega-Churches due to cost constraints.  Leo had the vision to offer this to all the churches at a price that everyone could afford. As the operations/ accounting/ IT person at the time, Deb had her work cut out for her!  But through hard work, perseverance, and knowing God was on their side they were able to make their dream a reality. The business has now grown into three brands, ChurchByMobile, BizByMobile, and SolutionsByMobile (for other nonprofits). ChurchByMobile has now served thousands of churches, millions of parishioners, and collected over $250 million in donations.


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