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A New Addition to the Family

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Congratulations!! A Lot of folks received the most beautiful gift this year— a baby! Many parents will be excited and overwhelmed this holiday season as they spend their first Christmas with their new bundle of joy. Parents breathe, relax and find ways to enjoy the holidays with your newest addition. The holidays will feel much different with your newborn, and whether this is your first child or not, things can feel overwhelming in this season. Take advantage of rest during this time. Newborns sleep a lot, so take advantage of those “contact” naps. If you have family and friends over, give them the gift of baby snuggles. This is going to be the greatest trick for thriving during the holiday season. Your newborn is sure to fall asleep in the arms of a loved one. While they’re sleeping, it gives you time to take a shower, eat some holiday treats, socialize with your family and friends, grab a mug of coffee, or hot chocolate, or do pretty much whatever you want! Having a newborn during the holiday season does not mean forfeiting the peace that comes with this season.