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Unlocking Mental Wealth

Featured Post

Unlocking Mental Wealth

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Changing Your Perception Towards Money


Want to know the reason for the perceived differences between the rich and every other person? It’s really not hard to guess. I know many times the emphasis is on their investments, the amount they earn, their ability to draw up a financial plan and stick to it. But oftentimes, we neglect that it all begins and ends with their money mindset.

The mind is where the goldmine is. Ultimately, your life and mind (our finances inclusive) will always be products of our most dominant thought. Each and every day, what we believe about money and its uses will invariably lead us to a door— a door that brings us into the reality of our beliefs.

Unfortunately, like many other things, the topic of money and its entire essence is greatly misunderstood. The result is that most end up never amassing wealth, or they route it wrongly, to their own detriment. Ready to let go of financial misconceptions and embrace abundance? We’ll be showing you in the next few minutes.

Money & The Mind

The way you mentally approach money will go a long way in determining its flow in your direction. If you’ve been conditioned to sustain a negative money mindset, you probably will never have a healthy money relationship, consequently causing you to never aquire enough wealth in your lifetime.

As Rich Single Momma’s, Samantha Gregory, said, “Changing your mindset will move you from scarcity and poverty thinking to abundance and prosperity thinking. Money will no longer be a villain in your life but will become a tool to enhance your life. You will no longer see it as something that always leaves but as something that always comes back to you!”

Let’s discuss three important mind tricks you want to sustain towards money in order to be wealthy. Here we go:

#1. Money Is A Tool that Is Available To All

Do you want to move from scarcity to abundance? Then you best believe this right here! This is one of those basic, but essential mindsets people of great wealth have.

It is important you understand that money is a tool for achieving a goal and not the goal itself. It remains a means to an end. There’s no competition in its acquisition. You also don’t need to cut corners to make it. It’s infinitely available and able to go round. 

As with other things, what you believe about money will produce the results you have. Beyond money being a tool, though, the game changer for you is knowing that this tool is available to all and accessible by all. Say this out loud to yourself, “I have enough money.” Why is it important to believe this with your life?

The reason is simple. What you believe in will ultimately drive your actions and inactions, and your actions will invariably determine your results. A mindset of abundance will cause you to search out opportunities rather than focus on lack and excuses that keep you from being wealthy.

 “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Of course, money isn’t going to magically appear from the sky once you believe this, but it’ll help you act from a place of abundance rather than lack. This is how the rich get richer. They make the big moves other people aren’t interested in making.

Unless you bring yourself to the point of believing that wealth flows to you freely and as easily as the wealthy, you’ll never be able to take those bold steps that are necessary to pave the way for you, and you’ll forever keep seeing yourself scrambling at the end of the food chain.

#2. Focus On The Prosperity, Not The Debt

We all know that whatever you give attention (which is energy) grows. Would you love to see your money grow? Then you want to focus on the right things.

Borrowing a story from the Bible, when Jacob wanted to raise speckled sheep, he placed a spotted pole before them so that whenever they mated and looked at the poles their offspring came out looking like it.

When it comes to attracting wealth, you want to learn to focus right. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the world of debts and bills. While it is important to aim at living a debt-free life, it shouldn’t absolve your focus such that you’re in a continuous rat race trying to pay bills, and you forget to appreciate the good things of life.

This is a trap most people fall into. They focus their finances on settling debts and paying off bills and never make any worthwhile investments or income-generating money moves. As a result, whatever they gather is trampled under the foot of bills and devoured by the birds of debts.



Focus on debts, and you’ll never have enough of them. Focus on prosperity, and you’ll watch your finances grow by leaps and bounds. Remember the law of attraction; whatever you focus your thoughts on, you attract.

It will help you a great deal if you can shift your mind from “gathering to scatter” to “gathering to store up.”

#3. Do Not Attach Emotions to Money

Emotional investors always bear the backlash of the market. Emotional spenders aren’t any different. They keep getting themselves looped in a vicious cycle of debt and losses.

How else do we say this? Money is simply a tool. You do not want to attach excess emotions to the way it is gotten and the way it is spent. Here’s why. Attaching emotions to money can generate stress. When we become overly emotionally attached to money, we give it the power to dictate our moods, our daily disposition, and sometimes, even our desire to keep doing life.

While this may be a hard saying, it is in no sense less true. If you get to the point where money has become the basis of your self-esteem and where it’s responsible for your emotions, for example, what would you do when it’s gone? It’s a very unsafe place to be.



Amassing wealth is first mental before it is material. You want to start your journey by building your mind and forming a “wealthy” mindset. Of course, in the process of forming new ones, the old will have to go down. When you have developed your mind to a credible level, the rest begins to fall into place. See you at the top!