Impact Network Punches Through Barriers In New Boxing Series

    Impact Boxing Launch

    The Impact Television Network, being the only African American-owned and operated urban lifestyle TV Network in the country, took its next step toward dominating the field of media within the first quarter of 2020. 


    On February 1st, Impact Television Network proudly launched Impact Boxing. Former World Super Welterweight Champion Austin Trout, Alonzo Butler, and Abel Mendoza conquered the ring in their matchups and entertained viewers from across the country.


    Impact Boxing’s inaugural event was held at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino in New Mexico and streamed live on the Impact Network. Steven Marcano, producer of the hit TV series ‘Knockout’, brought his talents to the Impact Network to assist with the curation of Impact Boxing. 


    Founder Bishop. Wayne T. Jackson closed a multi-million deal that made Impact Boxing a reality. The deal not only allows boxers to showcase their talents to over 88 million homes, but has also allotted for many jobs to be created in the Detroit area, where the Impact Television Network headquarters is located. 


    The February 1 fight is just the first of many that are scheduled for 2020. Keep watch for more live fights, interviews, and behind the scenes look at today’s best boxers. 

    Only on the Impact Television Network.

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