Impact the Vote Episode 2: Economics

    Election Day is less than a month away on November 3rd. It is a very important day for our country. The outcome will impact the African American community in various ways. According to a September Reuters’ article, “the gap in unemployment rates between Blacks and whites in the United States widened for a fourth straight month in August, and the spread between the races is now the largest in nearly six years.The jobless rate for Blacks dropped by 1.6 percentage points to 13% in August from 14.6% in July, while the rate for whites dropped at a faster rate of 1.9 percentage points to 7.3% from 9.2% a month earlier. The overall U.S. unemployment rate fell more than expected last month to 8.4% from 10.2% in July.”
    The pandemic has exacerbated inefficiencies within our society and the African American community is greatly suffering. It is imperative that the black community is engaged in dialogues that will ignite lasting change. Long-term targeted interventions are vital to expanding opportunity for people of color.
    Watch IMPACT THE VOTE hosted by Award Winning Journalist, Ed Gordon, LIVE every Saturday @ 12 PM EST to engage in an essential dialogue concerning economic empowerment for the Black community.
    We want to hear your thoughts. How can we improve economic empowerment for the black community? What are some changes you want to see?
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