Prayer Works! The Power of Prayer Requests

    Do you believe that prayer works?


    Sometimes when we go through difficult patches in life, we find it hard to pray.

    Maybe you are encountering difficulties in your relationships — disagreements, mistrust, or broken connections with your loved ones…

    Maybe you are facing obstacles in your career, losing out on a promotion you deserved or having a hard time finding a good job, living paycheck to paycheck…

    Maybe you are having problems maintaining your finances and supporting yourself and your family…

    Or perhaps you or someone close to you is facing health problems that seem too difficult to overcome…

    Sometimes, the challenges that we face in life are so hard, that we lose hope and we forget that God is just one prayer away. We get so consumed by the emotions of sadness, fear and brokenness that we become paralyzed and stop praying.

    But prayer is exactly what we need to stitch up the rough patches and experience the abundance God promised for our lives.

    You see, prayer is a sign of faith and trust in the Lord. It is an expression of humility, that no matter how much we have progressed in our mortal existence, there are some things that only God can do.

    What is impossible for humans, is possible with God!

    Whenever we engage ourselves in prayer, we open ourselves up to the supernatural. It is a powerful space where we can communicate directly with our Father in heaven.

    Our founder Bishop Wayne T. Jackson said it best: “When we pray, we rise up in power.”

    No prayer request is too small or insignificant for our God. God wants us to live our life in the best possible way. He only asks that we surrender our hearts to His grace. If we put our focus on God, we will find that our lives will be filled with His divine providence.

    God listens to each of our prayers, even though we may not see the answers right away, or even the answers that we expect. He knows what is best for us, and is constantly working to prepare us for our miracles and breakthroughs.

    Our prayer becomes even more powerful when other people are also praying for it! The Impact Community is here to pray with you and for you! We have seen many miracles happen to different people who have submitted their prayer requests and are now testaments of God’s great glory!

    It is the Impact Network’s mission to help you in your life’s journey, give spiritual support, and share faith experiences together. Submit your prayer request today!

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