Leave Your Imprint on the World

    What is your imprint in this world? We go through life with different goals and aspirations, but all of us experience trials and challenges in order to achieve them.

    Behind every success, is a story of strength in times of adversity. There will always be trials that come to challenge every promise of God to us. Sometimes, we lose our drive to succeed because of the hardships and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles before us. We fail to realize that like many people who have a promise from God, pain is part of the package. These trials come to perfect our faith, not stop us from claiming what God has prepared for us in perfection.

    In his book, “Step Out”, Pastor Jonathan Merritt shares his own journey as he faced trials and tribulations throughout the course of his life by holding on to the light of Jesus Christ.  In its pages, one will find a written testament of the faithfulness of God and His immeasurable love for each of His beloved children.

    We are all called to leave an imprint in this world. Whatever calling God has spoken to you, trust that you have the ability to pursue it. Every journey begins with the first step. As followers of Christ, we must take each step with the promises of God in our hearts. Read “Step Out” and allow Pastor Merritt’s words to guide you as he explores the call to step out in faith. Let God shift you to your rightful place in His Kingdom. It is time for you to step out and believe there is nothing that can stop God’s plan from coming to pass in your life.

    “From the moment I started reading this book, I knew my life would never be the same.
    Thank you Jonathan Merritt. This read helped me realign myself.”

    Join others as they are blessed with the moving tale of Pastor Jonathan Merritt’s walk of faith. Get a copy of “Step Out” and watch as your own testimony will soon manifest. You have the power to impact your world!

    Check the link for more info.: http://bit.ly/JonathanMerritt

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