Self Conscious To Self Confidence


Self Conscious To Self Confidence

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Sometimes, it is easy to forget we are made in God’s image because we live in the age of comparison culture. Unfortunately, it is common for people to be negatively self-conscious in their own skin. People might pick up a magazine or go on social media to reaffirm their low-self esteem. Believe it or not, this type of self-perception is a result of social conditioning and does not have to be one’s reality forever. This article will shed light on three ways to become comfortable in your own skin. 



1. Know thyself 

When one has not taken the time to truly get to know themselves, they will be susceptible to what other people might label or identify them as. This could result in someone feeling lost or low. The bright side is, you are always with yourself and can decide when to start getting to know the amazing person you truly are. A couple of ways to become familiar with yourself can be through keeping a thought journal or an audio diary of your life or even taking yourself out on dates. When people are introspective, it gives them the compassion and grace they need to get through anything! Once you build a better relationship with who you are, you are able to be more accepting and therefore comfortable in living your own life. 

2. Positive affirmations & mirror work

For some reason, society has praised self-degrading content in mainstream media. Whether people think it is funny or trendy, one must be aware of how this can affect the way they view themselves. The Bible says that there is life and death in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Therefore, whatever we say over our own life, that is who and what we become. With this in mind, it is so important to use our words for good. We can uplift ourselves through standing in the mirror and declaring the beauty we see. Although this practice might be uncomfortable or a little difficult at first, strength will build overtime and then confidence is born. When we use positive words to affirm who we are and what we look like, the whole world starts responding accordingly. 

3. Be physically active

It is proven that physical activity can boost your mood. When you 

feel good, you start acting from those positive feelings and can affect how you live your life. Doing different exercises can help you gain confidence from the inside, considering it just takes a little faith to even begin a workout. Not only will you start being proud of yourself for putting effort into moving your body, but you will also feel more comfortable in your own skin. 



Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and there is no one else like you. Have patience with yourself on your personal journey to accepting and loving yourself. When you start seeing your body and mind through the eyes of God, you will see the beauty and perfection in every inch. Confidence is something that you have to believe in, speak, and receive as your birthright. True confidence is not something that you can buy through material things. Being comfortable in your own skin happens from the inside-out.